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Reasons I Needed A Social Media Break

I just needed to step away. I felt pressure to constantly be doing/posting something! I was consumed with being on my phone and it was taking a negative toll. I was spending so much time on my phone, not connecting in real life conversations. So, I put it away. And, let me tell you - it was AMAZING!!! If you are having similar thoughts, the list below might be a sign you need a break too!

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  1. It was hurting my interactions with the people I see every day. You know, just focusing and being intentional with others and having conversations with them!

  1. I was constantly thinking of the next thing to post and obsessing over what I would say. Why? Because that’s how it works on IG – if you want to grow something, you have to be VERY active.

  1. It was taking away from learning some valuable truths during this time in my walk with Christ. I wasn’t spending nearly enough time with Him when I was on social media. I couldn’t justify it. I am committed to making Him first priority, but I wasn’t practicing what I preach.

  1. I was tried. Just tired. I wanted to enjoy a weekend without worrying about anything and be present in activities with family and my husband.

  1. Trying to stay on budget! You DO get influenced by so many different things, and you start to covet and want everything you can’t have (even after you have PLENTLY). We are trying to be wise with my money, and I felt like I was looking at it so much that it was only fueling my desire to buy things I didn’t necessarily need. I know, this is the name of the game, but my game may be a bit slower because REALITY!

  1. Comparison game – this goes without saying, but when you are constantly looking at other people’s outfits, lives and activities, you compare. It’s natural, but it’s not healthy. So, I knew I needed a break!!

This all really helped me! At first it was hard. But then, I kind of did my own thing. And then I got sick, which wasn’t fun, but I really got to rest 😊 I want to encourage you to take a break from social media – OFTEN if you need to! A day, a weekend, it’s up to you! I did two weeks, and some people might think I’m crazy considering the holidays are around the corner, but I know there are more important things going on right now! So, do what you have to do to take care of your mental health! And if it’s only giving you negative and anxious feelings, well, maybe that’s a sign! But, right now, I am feeling refreshed and I have a better perspective on what is really important and how I should be prioritizing my time! :)


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