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      Kim Swarner, the youngest of four siblings, was raised in a Christ-loving family in Plano, Texas. As a young girl, Kim loved Barbies, purses, Lisa Frank, sparkles, and anything that was PINK. It was at this young age that Kim had fears of being alone, sleeping alone or away from home, and darkness - which would all seem to be normal fears for a young girl.

Although she had a very normal childhood, Kim developed anxiety at an early age - a condition that worsened with the passing years. She always felt different, and she only felt truly understood by her mom, with whom she developed a very close relationship. Eventually, Kim wanted to feel the normalcy that she deeply missed, so she began to see specialists who prescribed her medication. At the time, she was very active and involved with school - choir president, other auditioned choirs, theatre classes, and outside plays and musicals kept her very busy. During her senior year of high school, her anxiety escalated severely, and in college, every-day functioning became very difficult. Panic attacks, depression, heartache, and a fear of flying or leaving the house (agoraphobia) made her world become smaller and smaller.

Kim still used her passion of performing in plays/musicals, participating in pageants and school to keep her busy and to help boost her motivation. Kim was crowned Miss Texarkana in 2011 & competed in the Miss Texas Pageant. She graduated with honors from Texas Christian University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts (Emphasis in Musical Theatre) and continues to perform professionally all over the DFW Metroplex. In April 2015, she married professional singer/actor Max Swarner, and they share a wonderful life with their 2 dogs, DoraLee and Ellie. She credits recommitting her life to Jesus Christ, gaining knowledge for all the issues she dealt with, medication, therapy, and her supportive parents and husband with helping her to overcome many obstacles and fears. Although she has so much more work to do, there IS hope! In her free time, Kim 
enjoys speaking, writing, scrapbooking, performing, singing, acting, shopping, modeling, traveling, and spending time with her family and husband! Today, Kim is an accomplished actress + performer, & the owner/ founder of her own organization, The Purpose in the Pink

The Purpose in the Pink - Living Colorfully Amidst Adversity, is an outlet that allows Kim to not only share her journey overcoming anxiety, but provides a platform for her solutions  - her struggles, coping mechanisms, faith, a taste of her fashion, and all things pink - in hopes that it will be a fun resource to all facing the same challenges ! There is hope for anyone struggling with mental illness, and Kim hopes others will be empowered to live colorfully too as she shares her heart, journey, & story.

Follow Kim on her journey via her website, blog, and on social media!

If you would like to schedule Kim to come speak or perform for your event, or if you are interested in partnering with her brand, Contact her! 


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