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Gifts For Him!


Every year it seems harder and harder to find the perfect gift for HIM! My guy is simple and really just likes movies and video games! I went over this list with him myself and he said these are things he would even think about asking for, but he would be so glad to receive because he would never buy them for himself! I always end up buying him clothes because he hates shopping and doesn't like to spend money on clothes. He uses my massager all the time - told ya'll it would be on every gift-guide - lol.

1. Amazon Back & Neck Massager - It has amazing reviews and I use it almost daily. You have to be by a wall so I usually use it on the couch or have it by my bedside. Max uses this too and I have given this as a gift many times. It is one of those things that you don't want to spend money on it and you didn't know you needed it until you have it!

2. Yeti Mug (14oz) - They come out with new styles every year and we really love ours. They have different colors and I love this size for other drinks!

3. Personalized Toiletry Bag - a nice touch on something they will use A LOT. I finally got Max a new one last year - he had his for 7+ years and he was SO glad to get a new one! This style is so unique and the reviews are great. Under $25.

4. Laptop/Tablet Holder - This has been a life savor since working from home. It's $20 on Amazon Prime - it's the gift you didn't know you needed! Max said this was such a life savor for his back and since many people are working from home, this would come in handy at home OR in the office.

5. Affordable Grey Pullover - Can't go wrong with a comfy pullover from Target for your man. I love the detail at the top and this style is very "in" right now.

6. Adidas Beanie - Another staple piece that he will probably wear for years and it will go with many outfits and color palettes.

7. Red Fleece Pullover - If you want your man to be a little more festive ~ something red will do the trick and this red fleece has high ratings and reviews. He can dress it up or down & it would be great for photos.

8. Slippers - Who doesn't love a good new pair of slippers? Assuming Max doesn't see this, these are the ones I am probably going to get him this year. They are affordable ($30) and something he desperately needs in his closet!

9. Zip Up Pullover - A splurge-worthy pullover! This is something i would love to get Max because I know the quality on these are terrific. Colors are also neutral and he can wear it with so many things.

10. Bose Speaker - I know there are so many versions of these, but we truly love ours and use it all the time to play music, podcasts, etc. It's so handy to take on trips too!

11. Shaving Bib Set - Y'ALL I saw this and immediately showed it to Max and he said "OH MY GOSH I NEED THAT!" and I couldn't stop laughing. Anyone else struggle to clean up after their man shaves? What a mess! lol. This would be a hilarious gift, but I am seriously considering it because he needs to use it.

12. Yeti Insulator - Another new style which is more expensive but this one is all fancy! They have more colors but in my opinion, can't go wrong with a yeti for a beer lover!


Happy Shopping!



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