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Christmas is just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited for this week's post because I am collaborating with other pink lovers and we are sharing ways to style pink & red together for the holidays! Instead of finding an outfit with pink & red already in it, I tried to just pair it together and add accessories. Of course, I am a bit extra, so maybe you don't need all the accessories, but I love all the texture and it made me feel like a Christmas candy-cane! The skirt is from Amazon and I am SO impressed with the quality - it runs large, I am wearing a size M. The shoes are also from Amazon and come in many colors - the bow can come off! I was actually surprised at how comfortable they really are. The other girls shared different ways too - either more casual ways with a sweater and jeans, other holiday looks and more. Be sure to check out my Instagram (@purposeinthepink) and see how they styled these colors together! You just have to be bold and go for it. If you like it, WEAR IT! Reminder to tag me in any of your pink pictures using my new hashtag! #pinkwithpurpose

Love y'all!


Here are some red & pink options below for those of you who might be looking for a holiday outfit or just for something red and pink! In case you are still looking for any gifts, refer to my "Gift Guides" tab and you will see all my picks there!


Happy Shopping!


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