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#PINKWEDNESDAY - Best Pink Finds of 2020

Happy New Year and Happy #PINKWEDNESDAY friends!

I hope everyone had a relaxing "break" or time with family or loved ones over the holidays. I am just now getting into the swing of things again, so I may need some patience! I did not get around to doing this last week, so here it is! I wanted to share with you all MY favorite pink finds from 2020. These are items that I love and use or wear most often. Although it was hard to narrow it down, these are my favorites & I even went OVER what I originally planned! Obviously, I can't link everything, but I will do what I can! I will put details by each of the items and give more information.


I could NOT fit everything onto the graphic so lets go through them and scroll for more! These are not in any particular order :) For the complete outfit details, follow me on the FREE LikeToKnow.It App! @purposeinthepink

Pink Tie Dye Leggings - I got these during quaratine and they are some of the most comfortable pair of leggings I own. It DOES help that they are cute, but they suck me in and do well in all types of workouts. I am not an expert on leggings, but these are the pair I reach for the most besides Aerie. Size M/L.- photo by @samanthasalmonphotography

Pink Booties - Actually one of my top sellers this year! By far, the most comfortable bootie I own and I got it in snakeskin first! This color pink is my favorite shade of pink EVER & obviously they go with so many of my outfits! I have worn them SO much - I know I will wear them for years to come, if I can keep them clean. I got my regular size 8.

Amazon Pink Sunglasses & Barrington Tote - I put this into one for the photo - you can see them so clearly! These are designer inspired sunglasses - I didn't even know it at the time, I just thought they were fabulous and I had to have them! They remind me of Elton John! I have worn them out and about, in photoshoots & I have (surprisingly) gotten so many compliments on them! I also got this St. Anne Barrington Tote earlier this Spring when I worked with them and designed this tote and it has come in so handy. I carry a lot of things and what I love about Barrington Gifts - you get to design bags and accessories yourself from different color palettes and patterns. You can also choose to add a monogram. The bags are such great quality - I absolutely love mine and use it a lot!

Nike Tennis Shoes - I am not a "runner", but I do consider myself a walker (lol) and especially during quarantine. I own 2 pairs of real tennis shoes and I finally needed a new pair this year. I had been doing workouts in our apartment and my knees started to kill me - I knew I needed something serious and with way better support! These are extremely breathable on top and they fit perfectly + tons of support. A splurge, but for the amount of time I was/will be wearing them, it was worth it.

Purse Organizer - Another amazon purchase. This has kind of saved my messy life in a way. My purse is always a disaster, but now I have compartments to put my disaster in! It also helps not get my actual purse dirty! Knowing me, something will spill (a snack, water, makeup will break, etc) and my purse will get ruined. Not anymore! The organizer has gotten dirty itself, but I am totally fine with that!

Pink Midi Skirt - I have worn this skirt so much this year and I love the material - its a thicker cloth, which is perfect for me. I can wear it year round. I am always cold so I would wear it in the winter and the summer with sneakers. There are so many ways to style it! I just wore it to my birthday dinner with a leopard sweater and the pink booties! :) It runs large, so size down. Size M.

Amazon Boho Chic Dress - I adore this dress! I have seen so many girls wear it and I finally got it! SO glad I did because it is just an easy outfit for spring and summer - especially on those warm summer days! I am one of those girls that likes things to fit a little loose - my tummy has always been a problem area for me and with this dress, I obviously didn't have to worry about anything! It would also be a bump-friendly dress! It comes in multiple color patterns and the quality is great! Size Medium!

Photo by @samanthasalmonphotography

Pink Workout Tank - When I was working out regularly, this was my favorite tank! Another amazon find, but what's new? The material is soft and lightweight and it is great for any type of workout class. It was something I was always reaching for and wore constantly. Now, I am trying to get BACK into that routine so we will see! :) Sorry for the quality of this picture, clearly needed to clean my mirror! Wearing a size Large.

Pink Purse - It is a Chanel look alike but under $50! $48 to be exact! This was a Christmas gift, I had been eyeing it off and on throughout the year, but it kept going out of stock and I would always sign up for the emails. It finally came back in. Surprisingly, it has many pockets inside and I have used it quite a bit over the past 3 weeks already. It is not as big as a tote, where I carry 1,001 things, but trying to do less of that anyway! I don't have an actual "picture with it yet, so this will have to do!

Striped Sweater - This is from a brand I work with, Impeccable Pig! This was by far my favorite sweater - a very recent one, but I wear it constantly. It covers the bum, it is very soft and it has all my favorite colors! I am so excited to be working with them, they have so many cute finds and the HQ is in Dallas! Size L. Use KIM15 for a discount!

Buddy Love Dress - I absolutely ADORE Buddy Love - they have bold prints, patterns and colors year-round! I had the pleasure of working with them in 2020 and this was my favorite pink dress! So simple, but flattering and it was perfect for the summertime! The prices are high, but they are one of the few places that have sales frequently, so be on the lookout for that. This dress is only $63 right now, which is a sale for them so snag it if you can! The quality is awesome! Wearing a size L. Photo by @samanthasalmonphotography

Aerie Top + Pink Lily Leggings - Honestly my favorite loungewear outfit of this year besides some other neutral options I have. I fell in LOVE with Aerie this year - ask Max. I will explain more on stories, but the clothes are so dang soft! I wear this top on repeat, at least one a week. It's comfortable and casual. They do not have this color anymore, but they do have other colors, which I can link. I am trying not to spend any money right now, but I would 1,000% recommend a comfy top like this from Aerie (American Eagle). I have other sweaters and tops from there and leggings! These leggings from Pink Lily were 100% NOT what I was expecting. Surprisingly, they sucked me in and I do cardio & barre in them with no problem! Also, they are just so dang cute, I wear them all the time when I am out and about. I believe they are in stock and have other color options. Top - M, Leggings - L.

Amazon Pink Shacket - This pink shacket was a HIT this year and I love it! An affordable amazon find - although the price has changed since I bought it. I am wearing a lightweight sweater underneath - so the shacket is more lightweight. If you don't know wha a "shacket" is - I didn't either. People come up with new names ALL the time for no good reason ;). It is a shirt + a jacket. I ADORE this find and its definitely a top find for me!!

Pink Lily Sweatshirt - I had wanted one of these for a long time, I wear it all the time! You can customize it to your state and they even have it for your little mini one! I had to get the pink one, but they do have other color options. I like things to run big and I ended up getting the XL, which I say was TOO big, so I would size down. It is also in my most worn outfits of the year in loungewear or just running errands! Linked here.

Pink Swimsuit Coverup - I am ready for summer! Too soon? This amazon pink polka dot coverup/kimono was used all summer long! It has these ruffle sleeves and ruffles at the bottom. Definitely girly, pink and extra! I believe it came with a tie, but I think I lost it? Anyway it was used so much, I should probably order another one, once summer comes around. I am by the pool quite often during summer and also wore it as a kimono with shorts!

Amazon Sweater Dress - A recent find and a recent favorite. I am girly and love to get dressed up and this material is BUTTERY SOFT. I also got a white sweater that feels like the same material and it is one of my favorite amazon finds to date! This baby pink dress isn't too tight and I love the way it fits me. I couldn't believe it was from Amazon. I see these dresses at boutiques + way more expensive. It is very cozy & this shade of pink is perfect for the winter! Also, I DO have a picture with the purse - seen here! It also comes in other colors. Wearing a size L.


A few other items that sold well in my "pink" category this year + everything is linked below!


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