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National Pink Day - #PinkWednesday Outfits & Splurges


National Pink Day - yes it's a thing - is next Wednesday, June 23rd! And, how fitting that it's on a WEDNESDAY! PERFECT! I am sharing some splurges that I got for the occasion - don't worry - eBay & poshmark are the way to go for some "dream dresses" I would never pay full price for anyway! One I got is not in this blogpost, so you will just have to wait and see! I am going to also link other options - because there are SO many so you have time to pick out what you will be wearing to celebrate the big day!! Make sure you are following me on Instagram and the free LTK app for all the daily updates and links!


COMFY/LOUNGE PJ SET/Robe - You guys have already seen this look, but of course, going out may not be your thing and during the week, it is definitely not mine! I am making an exception for this occasion! I typically wear only big t-shirts and sweatpants to bed - I get cold ALL the time! But, these Buddy Love pjs and so soft and roomy (size L) and now that we are in summer in Texas, i always change to shorts and will definitely be wearing this matching top! It is loose enough for me to feel comfortable! They have a few other color options AND a matching robe, long ones too! Use code PURPOSEINTHEPINK for 15% off at Buddy Love in the LTK app!

Pink Floral Dress - I wore this to a wedding recently - YES a bit of a splurge. I am wearing a size M and it is supposed to have that oversized fit. I love this style - its so feminine and It can be worn for so many different occasions. I decided to belt it to give me more of a waist - the belt is only $24 and if you use code KIM15, you get 15$ off that price in the LTK app! It seems like it would also be a great maternity option since it is very loose. All details are linked below!


Ombre Pink Dress - I have been eyeing this dress for awhile. I am not typically a bodycon dress girl, but I definitely needed to have this one. All the shades of pink together was perfect and it was a decent price point! It is currently sold out, but if you put your e-mail address in, it comes back in every so often! I am wearing a size L. The shoes are old, but linked similar ones from the same brand, which are normally TTS! If you look below, there is another dress that is very similar to this one - some dark shades of pink!


Sequin Retrofete Robe - A designer dress I found, new with the tags! That is the way to go! I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought I would ever own a dress like this. I started digging. I started saving. Little did I know, I just happen to have good bargaining skills and pay a fraction of what its going for today! It seems to be sold out most places to. So if there is something you do want, there is no shame in look for designer items for less on other sites! That lifestyle can't be for everybody. I don't think I would own another one unless it was used or discounted! I got a size M and it fits great! EEEK I am so excited!


High Waisted Swimsuit and Coverup - Another one I think you guys have seen if you follow me on Instagram! Since it has been so hot in TX - you may be off next week - who knows! This has been on of my go-to swimsuits and I am definitely not shying away from anything high-waisted! I went with a size L. It is probably the softest swimsuit I have ever owned - I say that about anything from Aerie (besides Barefoot Dreams of course!). Sandals are TTS. The Budha girl bracelet stacks & pink sunglasses from Buddy Love - you can use my discount code PURPOSEINTHEPINK for 15% off. The giant hat you see int he background is no longer in stock but I linked two other options, both cheaper options!

Here are all my pink finds - many I have shared before! I am sharing some walmart, amazon Red Dress, Nordstrom, Impeccable Pig & Buddy Loveand some other finds that I just LOVE!

Discount Codes: Impeccable Pig - KIM15 for 15% off

Buddy Love: PURPOSEINTHEPINK for 15% off


Happy Shopping!



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