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LTK DAY - June 11-13

As I am sure many of you already know and have heard from many influencers - if you follow them - this weekend is LTK Day where you can shop exclusive sales in the LTK app. This is where I post all of my try-ons, link sales, and only members who have the app can shop the sale - best part? The app is FREE to download. Click here to follow me.

I must share, that while many people share graphics - and I have been guilty of this in the past, I will only be sharing things that I already own, use and love. Yes, I make a smal commission when you use my link (and I am SO grateful every time you do!!) but just remember, they are just THINGS - always remember that!

How to shop during LTK DAY:

Download the FREE LikeToKnow.It App and make sure you are following me!

Here are a few steps if you are a visual person.

Participating Brands:


I am only sharing from four different brands on the list. These are companies I am currently using in my every day routine, clothes I own and love & things I can speak on and absolutely LOVE!


25% off with code LTKBUDDY

I have been shopping with Buddy Love before I even started collaborating with them. YOU GUYS ALREADY KNOW MY LOVE FOR THEM! I LOVE COLOR and I will never not share them, so if you can get them at a discounted price, I 10/10 recommend! I know this might be over load, but I hope it is helpful. For reference I am a size Large in everything that is pictured - I am 5'6 and currently between sizes M-L at Buddy Love. Anything that fits oversized, I recommend getting a size down! Feel free to message me with any questions. Most of these prints come in SO many other colors and fun styles, so keep that in mind!

What you have seen on me:



25% off

The most recent purchase - I don't do the every night simply because I want to save product and want to make it last as long as possible! I save it for heavier makeup days and double cleanse. I do this first with a - it does get off makeup, even your eye makeup and rinse it with a wash cloth or my hands. It smells just like roses and has collagen in it and makes my skin feel amazing! The other scent is more earthy tones, I tried that one first as a sample before I bought the large tub.



25% Off



30% off

The only shampoo I use when I wash my hair unless it is purple shampoo ( I rotate). This is a strengthening shampoo that lasts me 6+ months and it is filled with protein, which is my hair specifically needs. As long as you have a protein + hydration - where I get my hair masks/conditioner from, then you are set! I used to use the conditioner, but stopped when I found the masks! Perfect for damaged hair and getting your hair healthy again!

Happy Shopping!



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