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Gifts For Parents!


This is probably a more difficult gift guide in my opinion because everyone is so different! My parents don't really like gifts and if we do something, its typically gift cards because they like to pick out certain things or have something in mind. I do *not* like giving out gift cards for some reason. Other times, we opt for more personalized gifts or things we know they need and would like to have, but wouldn't necessarily buy it for themselves! I know my Mom loves the personalized gifts and they are definitely a more unique gift! Many of the other items are repeats that I keep sharing ~ candles (who can go wrong with that!), blankets, wine accessories, a record player, personalized mug or recipe dish...and the most recent "hype" is the air fryer. I know it has been around forever, but I have heard so much more about it this year, probably because people are cooking more and it's a fast way to get it done! Did you know you can cook eggs in there? My mind was blown! Other options: books, favorite football team souvenirs, coffee table books or quality time together doing *their* favorite activity - this is the best! All other items are linked below!


Happy Shopping!



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