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Cozy Gift-Guide


COZY! One of my favorite categories! I have been in the cozy mood most of the year, I don't know about the rest of you! When I think of "cozy, TWO things come to mind, Barefoot Dreams, specifically my barefoot dreams blanket and cardigans or my Target "Stars Above" Sweatpants. I am all on board the Barefoot Dreams train - I am always cold, I sleep with the blanket every single night and I take it with me on vacation. I would have multiple blankets if I could! This one is especially nice because of how BIG it is compared to the others & it really does keep you warm. They have several different colors and patterns. The other "throw" blanket that comes in plain white, is personally NOT my favorite and not nearly as soft. I have several of the cardigans linked below and when we were working in an office I would rotate wearing those. Another item I got this year I have worn non-stop is my Target sweatpants. This line is all so cozy and they seem to wash well! I couldn't NOT include my Amazon massager and some of my favorite candles! This was hard to just pick a few to show, but these are all great gift ideas for a girlfriend, your MIL, sister, wife, etc!


Happy Shopping,



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