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It's #PINKWEDNESDAY & I have something NEW for you guys! We are getting into the holiday season and with COVID and everything that has happened in 2020, I don't think it is always wise that I encourage people to shop for new things. Heck, I have SO many clothes and I needed to be reminded of that! I have been cleaning out and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show you all different ways to style a midi skirt for fall - pink edition! It is really all about layering and the kind of look you are going for, so even if pink isn't your color, these looks can be achieved with pieces already in your closet. 90% of what I am wearing are items I already owned - so they are just to give you different outfit ideas and inspiration when you are wanting a "new look". Instead, look at what you have and try to build something NEW off of that! I loved this process and all of these looks I would wear - they are SO ME! Let me know which ones are your favorite!

"TRENDY" - Graphic Tee & Sneakers - this is a hot trend this year but it's also just really comfortable and casual. If it is getting cooler where you are, adding a cardigan is a nice extra layer and adds texture to the outfit. I like to wear a headband, hat, purse or jewelry to really make the outfit my "own", but that is up to you!

"STATEMENT" Leopard Sweater - Animal print!! Yes I am all into animal print so having a sweater with a bold print is a nice way to add texture and attention to your outfit. A bootie or sneakers would pair well with this outfit, but the sweater really speaks for itself.

"PINK" - Lots of pink, of course! But adding different shades, patterns and textures makes this outfit not as boring! Try adding a different textures or patterns to your fall outfit and mix it up! It's a little bold for some, but when you are shopping your closet, this is where the creativity comes in!

"SIMPLE" - Striped, Soft Sweater - if you are going for a more subtle sweater look that matches your skirt, you can spice it up with a colored bootie, hat and other accessories. I always like to make sure the "pinks" are in the same color palette, but they really do add A LOT to make a statement.

"EXTRA" - Cami, Sequin Bomber Jacket - I am all about adding texture and standing out, if you can't tell. This dark print pink cami blends well with the midi skit and when I add the sequin bomber jacket - it brings it to a whole new level. Of course you could pair it with heels, but I am going for a little grunge look here, so I decided to add combat boots for something completely different.

"DRESSY" - Long Sleeve Shirt & Fur Jacket & Heels. This is my go-to girly outfit and I couldn't love it more! The fur and dressy heels really make the outfit. You can always do a smaller fur jacket but i thought this color went very well with the color of the skirt - more of a monochromatic pink look. I did something like this around Valentine's Day and it was a hit!

Let me know which one was your favorite!!


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