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I started out the New Year STRONG – joining the #ICAMETOGAIN challenge at The Barre Code in Plano! I have gone to this studio off and on, but I would say more off this past year for various reasons – my mental health, migraines and other personal reasons. The thought of going to a class again on January 6th scared me! I have suffered from chronic migraines, which have only gotten worse this past year, and finding any sort of relief has left me feeling discouraged and hopeless. I wasn’t sure that I would even be able to complete the challenge, to be honest, but something in me wanted to prove it to myself. After 8+ months of NO activity, I said I wanted to do 20 classes over the next month and I DID!

The challenge was to do either 15, 20, or 25 classes over the course of a month! I love this – that you got to pick what was best for you and your body! When I first filled out the form, I came to gain “the belief in myself” because honestly, I just didn’t see it happening. After the first (and painful) class, I BELIEVED I could do it and that was all the motivation I needed to start the challenge. I may not have gone every day, but you know what? I got stronger EACH time. I went to a variety of classes over the next four weeks – Barre, Brawl, and Bootcamp! They are all challenging in their own way, and even when I thought it would get easier, the instructors would push me harder, and I would push myself harder in class, because at the end of the day – it is up to me to decide what kind of workout I want to have and what I want to gain from that class! My mindset has completely changed in the last month!

My goal was not to lose weight. In fact, I haven’t even weighted myself. It was just to make it through those classes, and that is a WIN. And you know what? My migraines have dramatically decreased. I think that is what has been missing – ACTIVITY! I knew I needed to work out, but I was always so afraid it would get worse. Granted, there was a time or two that I should have listened to my body and slowed down a bit, but overall, I feel SO much better!

I am motivated to keep going, to challenge my body and get stronger!

I needed (and still need) that accountability – and that is exactly what The Barre Code offers – instructors who motivate and encourage me, and it gets me excited to go! If you have never been to a studio or gym where you feel “safe” or accepted to workout, this is YOUR place. It is not about being perfect, it is about making progress and that is something that The Barre Code has taught me not just at the gym, but in my everyday life. I couldn’t be more grateful to call this studio my home! Have I mentioned that they have won Best Gym in Plano for 4 years straight?! YES they have - for a good reason too!

Your first class is free – so try it out – you cannot put a price tag on your health and overall well-being, so take a chance!


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