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#PinkWednesday - February Edition + VDAY OUTFITS + GIFTS!

Happy LOVE month! Happy #PINKWEDNESDAY!

It also happens to be almost a week before Valentine's Day so I included some dress options and other outfits that I think would make cute date night outfits or something you can wear for a GNO! You may be someone that is not crazy about this

over-commercialized holiday and that is OK, celebrate or not celebrate however you choose! TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF! :) Just wanted to say that as I know many of you will be flooded with Valentines content and pictures this next week or so. Y'all know I am a FAN though, so let's get started with #kimspinkpicks first! I think a few of these would be great Galentine's gifts or something you might "give" to yourself!

Click on the individual images to get the links!

VDAY DRESS IDEAS! I chose pink and red here obviously - there are many different price points and styles and something here for everyone! I included a few jumpsuits because who doesn't love a good jumpsuit? These are all under $100!

If you are not into the dress options, these blouses are to die for!! I love these floral prints and styles. I am a huge dress girl, but I LOVE these blouses! I think I need to branch out a little bit more and buy more of these! Some of these would be great work-wear options too!

LOVED doing all of this for Valentine's Day! SO MUCH FUN! Let me know if there is more you want to see in the pink section or on the blog in general! Happy Pink Wednesday!


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