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Gifts For Him!

The holiday season is here and I couldn't be more excited!! One of the most requested gift guides - gifts for HIM! A lot of these can be found on Amazon and under $60! Hopefully there is something on here that you think your man might like, some are practical and some are just fun!

1. Airpod Trapper/Carrying Strap - I know so many people who constantly lose their air-pods! This is way to track them at all times so you don't have to look for them!

2. Crewneck Blue Sweater - A very affordable sweater is always a good idea. This comes in multiple colors and it's $50!

3. Crosley Radio Record Player - how cool is this? Records are making a comeback and this is a great place! It comes in other colors too.

4. Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager - the gift you didn't know you needed! I had one VERY similar and it works SO WELL! I have not used this myself, but it has gotten rave reviews and it's a great price!

5. Whiskey Globe Decanter Set - I thought this was so cool. If you have a whiskey lover, they are going to love this!

6. Men's Joggers - Another practical item. These are a great price and a good cozy option for your man to have this time of year!

7. Men's Slippers - I know my man wears slippers a lot and this would be a great practical gift!

8. Buffalo Plaid Scarf - it is that time to start bundling up!! A great accessory to add to his wardrobe for all the festivities.

9. Poker Chip Set - Who loves a good game night?! This would be a great option for parties or a night with the guys.

10. Toiletry Case - This looked so nice! Again, maybe it's something they didn't know they needed! Fill it with a new razor or a new cologne and you are set :)

If you follow me in the LikeToKnow.It APP, add any of these to your "wishlist" and stay tuned for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales!

Happy Shopping!


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