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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Everything You Need to Know!

There have been so many people who have told me they DON’T know what the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is?!! I wanted to help you guys out a little bit before it gets here – NEXT WEEK – so let’s go ahead and


What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale or NSALE?

This #NSALE is Nordstrom’s legendary yearly sale – the one stop shop for everything you can think of. It IS the perfect time to stock up on everything from shoes, winter clothing, back to school clothes, etc.! I know some people who actually buy Christmas gifts during this sale! Personally, I don’t go that far, but you have to find whatever works for YOU and your budget! This sale may seem LONG, but let me tell you that things sell out FAST. Last year, when I first became interested in the sale, I thought it was weird shopping for certain winter things in July. But, you really can’t beat the prices, especially when all the best brands are included!!


July 11th - 2:01AM CST – Early Access – Cardholders ONLY!

July 19th 2:01AM CST Public Access Begins!

August 4th 1:59AM CST Sale ENDS!

Shopping Advice

1. Nordstrom Card – If you know you are going to go all out, go ahead and register for a Nordstrom card so you can get early access - LIKE TODAY! The popular items usually go before the public access even gets a chance!! You earn 2 points for every $1 you spend and there is NO ANNUAL FEE! WOOHOO! Obviously, as someone who just paid off their credit card, I completely understand if you don’t want to sign up for another credit card. You can still earn points at Nordstrom by just giving them your phone number 😊. Don’t worry – it’s free and for every 2,000 points, you earn $20. Highly recommend.

2. Shop Online – Yes, it’s faster, more convenient and EVERYTHING will be online as opposed to in the store. One of the reasons I love Nordstrom – free shipping and free returns. YES PLEASE. Or, you can always select in-store pickup if you don’t want to wait for your items, like me (lol).

3. Buy items that will sell out FIRST – So many NEUTRAL items will sell out first. Denim, shoes (specifically sneakers, flats, boots to name a few), beauty products, and handbags. Sometimes, they say that things will be restocked, but that is NOT always the case. If you are unsure of your size – buy in TWO sizes. YES TWO. You can always return later. I am serious – it’s that fast. Nothing is guaranteed. It’s worse than Black Friday! If you haven’t browsed around in the Nordstrom catalog to get a sneak peak of the sale, now would be a good time to look and mark down in priority your list!

** I do not want you to break the bank. Use your best judgement! This really is a great sale, and if you are planning on shopping it, go in with a plan, buy more and return what you don’t like so you don’t miss out! **

My BIGGEST Advice for the sale?

But seriously. sign up for the Nordstrom Visa Card to get early access to the sale!! The card has no annual fees, and you can accumulate points for every dollar you spend – these are called Nordstrom Notes, and when you sign up, you get a $60 Note with your first purchase - now through July 10th! If you decide later on you want to sign up, even a few days after the sale is started, you can still do it, the same day and you will be able to shop the sale, so no worries!

If you are interested in applying for the card, click the link here.

I will be posting all of my picks within the first few days (Make sure you are following me on IG and LikeToKnow.It - purposeinthepink) and I will move as fast as I can to get everything uploaded into the blog and on the app! I am going to be buying denim, shoes and basics. I have said before, I am bad about buying basics obviously!! I want to be a resource for YOU guys and help you out because sales like this can be overwhelming! So, anything I can do to help you out – please reach out!

Thanks for reading!


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