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June Obsessions!

It’s almost July? You guys know I love summer time, but it is going by WAY too fast. Lucky for me, the Texas heat stays around until September (FOR SURE!) so we still have plenty of time! Things have been a little less exciting lately due to my busy schedule with rehearsal, but I have some good finds that I wanted to share for June! Here is the latest and greatest!

Click on the image above for the direct links to the outfit.


Urban Taco – I am not sure how I have never eaten here, but this cute little restaurant in Mockingbird Station is DELICIOUS. Of course, the only thing you should get here is the TACOS! You can get them as a dinner plate with sides or just individually. I got chicken tacos with beans and they did not disappoint! I know in Texas, we have so many places to choose from when it comes to tacos, but this restaurant should definitely be at the top of your list!! They have a variety of options to choose from and other Tex-Mex entrees. Their margaritas are a must have too 😊

Pure Milky & Honey – Right after you eat at Urban Taco, head on over to Pure Milk and Honey and grab some of the tastiest ice cream you will ever try! The ice cream is made from an organic dairy farm, it does not contain any artificial flavors and it is only sweetened with natural raw honey. Toppings include honey, granola, fruit, sauces and much more! You can get the ice cream in different flavors and it can be served in a bowl, cone or cup! I was NOT expecting to enjoy this as much as I did – it was AMAZING. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I got the regular “honey” flavor with granola and the honey sauce – SO GOOD. They also have sundaes and shakes!


I will be performing on-stage next month and I found a few things at Sephora I have been wanting to try – it seemed like the perfect time! Click on the image if you want any of the direct links to the products.

Foundation - I have been using the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation lately (Color Beige) and I LOVE IT. It is complete coverage and just what I need for the “stage” or “glam” look.

Eyeliner - I fell in love with the Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner. It is so easy to apply!! It reminds me a bit of liquid eyeliner, but not nearly as hard to put on as others I have used in the past. It goes on very easily on the waterline too if you are someone who uses eyeliner on the bottom lid like me!

Eye-shadow - I haven’t had an eye-shadow palette in months and I finally bought a new one, the Tarte “Toasted” palette and I am loving the variety and shades of color. There are some matte and sparkle colors and all them work well with my skin tone year-round. This one is going to last me awhile, I hope!

Makeup Remover – IT Cosmetics "Bye Bye Makeup" I am usually pretty tired when I get home from shows and I tend to get pretty lazy. This is a fast and easy way to remove your makeup and make sure it all comes off. It works for both face and eyes! You just take some in your hand and rub all over your face and BAM!

Makeup Remover (continued) – Makeup Eraser – I plan on also grabbing this because I have heard great reviews about this product! I obviously posted the pink one, but it comes in black too! If you like the feeling of really washing your face and getting all the gunk out, this may be a better option for you! I tend to go back and forth depending on how I am feeling so I will be using both!

Lipstick – Anastasia Beverly Hills Red Lipstick. This is the color I will be wearing for the show. I usually wear pink (shocker), but this is more of a berry color. Spoiler alert – I do a lot of kissing in the show, so I need something that will stay on and this one seems to be the winner! We shall see!


I am not sure why I haven't shared some of my hair products before, but these are my MUST - HAVES! I use these products constantly when washing my hair, styling my hair and they are life savers!! Since I spend a pretty penny to damage my hair on a regular basis (lol), it also takes a pretty penny to maintain healthy hair and that means I have to use quality products. To me, it is worth it and I notice a HUGE difference!

Pureology Hydrating Shampoo/Conditioner - MUST HAVES. My hair has been so damaged from years of bleach and not properly taking care of my hair. These are top of the line products that instantly make a difference with damaged hair. The bottles come in two different sizes - I typically get the large ones because they last over 6 months! I also love their purple shampoo! I rotate brands for purple shampoo, but this line is so good you really can't go wrong with any of the products!

Big Sexy Hair - This is taking me back to my pageant days! If you want your hair to STAY and be BIG - this is the hairspray you need! I have always loved having volume in my hair and this will always be my number one hairspray without a doubt!!

Drybar Dry Shampoo & Triple Sec 3 in 1 - I love both of these products!! I use the triple sec for volume while I am curling and styling my hair! I rotate back and forth between this dry shampoo and the Living Proof Dry Shampoo. You really can't go wrong with either of them. I really like the smell of the drybar dry shampoo better if you ask me, but they both get the job done!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo - In my opinion, this dry shampoo is more heavy duty. A little goes a long way. There isn't really a scent to this one, but boy it is strong!!


I found a few devotionals in the Bible app that have been very good for me. One is the "Battlefield of The Mind" by Joyce Meyer and the other one is called "Overcoming Anxiety – Your Biblical Guide to Breaking Free from Fear and Worry". It is so important for me personally to start my day off with biblical truth and scripture reminding me who is in control and who I can put my trust in. It’s a daily reminder that there is nothing I can do to make God love me more but rather praying to be more like Him and trust him daily with my thoughts, actions and fears.


I wanted to let you guys know what people were buying! These items were a hit for one reason or another, whether it’s the price or the quality, they sold so WELL! I am going to re-share them in case anyone wanted to snag one if you are interested! Click on the image for the direct link for the item.

The Colleen Rothschild hydrating face mask - the first one!

This striped pink amazon dress! It comes in multiple colors and it's only $16!

My favorite healthy snack ever!! Eat Smart Sweets!! They just came out with a new flavor - peach rings!

This pink dress from Nordstrom has been a hit! Great quality, very flattering in the stomach area and it's on SALE!

Amazon swimsuit cover-up! It is so colorful and fun! And it ships in 2 days, so you really can't go wrong with that!

Well, that's all for now folks! Back to rehearsal. I will sharing more very soon about the Nordstrom anniversary sale coming up - so get ready for that! I hope everyone has a happy and safe July 4th!! Thank you as always for reading!


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