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May Obsessions + Life Updates

Better late than never!?! I have been a little behind this month – no excuses really, just enjoying life! As promised each month, here are some of my current obsessions – food, clothes, podcasts, pools, etc.!

Click on the image above for outfit links!

The Henry – Downtown Dallas. I have wanted to go here forever, and Max and I finally got a reservation! Located minutes from American Airlines Center, The Henry is a huge restaurant with one of the best patios + drink menus I have seen! I got the half chicken + mashed potatoes and it was to die for! Honestly though, the atmosphere alone is worth going for! Be warned, it gets crowded - so make sure you arrive early! More info here.

Merchant House – Another new restaurant in Dallas that officially opened May 1st is in an old home, and the vibe is so cool. When you are inside, you feel like you are transported back to 1800’s. They are best known for their “family sharing” plates, but I got the fish and chips and it was DELICIOUS. This summer, every Saturday they will have live music, drinks, and food from 9-midnight, so be sure to check it out!

Holy Kombucha – Kombucha is a probiotic tea full of healthy ingredients your body could use – and after trying almost every brand there is, Holy Kombucha is by far my favorite! I am currently on a journey to a healthier lifestyle, I drink several of these a week.They also have a variety of flavors – but my personal favorite is the Blood Orange and the NEW seasonal Rosé. I will say it is an acquired taste, but worth it! Check them out here.

The Adolphus Hotel – Staycation – I have always been a fan of this hotel and the unique interior design, but I fell in love with it even more after Max and I had a mini staycation here recently. The food (I think I am clearly thinking about food a lot lately!), bars, rooftop pool, service & staff were exceptional. Our room was extremely spacious – it included a very large closet (ya know, so I can dump all of my stuff in one room lol!), and an extra-large bathroom. We booked the standard room, and I was pleasantly surprised with how spacious it was! I would highly recommend taking a mini trip to the Adolphus to check out their coffee shop, Otto’s, The French Room, or just a day at the pool! Hotel information here.

Buddy Love – This clothing brand in Dallas is full of colors, prints and boho-chic styles! I have several pieces from Buddy Love and they are so comfortable and easy to wear, not to mention exceptionally soft, which is perfect for the hot Texas weather coming up. I have also been following along and saw several prints for their fall collection and they are TOO CUTE! Be sure to check them out on Instagram!

Podcast – Becoming Something! – A podcast all about real life, real struggles and how to deal with them in a biblical way. It has been so refreshing to listen to these episodes on stress, anxiety, social media and so many other hot topics from a biblical point of view. It is always an honest discussion and I am always left feeling encouraged and hopeful.

Amazon Finds – I have found cute and affordable cover-ups, swimsuits and dresses on Amazon that I want to share! Last year, I made the mistake of buying a very expensive swimsuit. UGH WHY?! Impulse buy. I wore it so much, that it’s lost its color, so I no longer want to spend money on “quality” swimsuits when I have one that is a fourth of the price & lasts longer. I am the girl that WILL get it in the pool and spend a lot of my time there this summer, well on the weekends anyway. Click the picture to get direct links to the items!

Life Updates

Whelp, Max and I didn’t end up going to LA like we had planned back in late May, but we decided to postpone our trip until August! We ended up having a great staycation at the Adolphus Hotel like I mentioned before, so no complaints over here! This gives me more time to plan a few things for the trip! I think we are just looking forward to going to a new place and exploring without stress - besides the traffic! In other news, my little chihuahua, Ellie, hasn’t been doing too great. She has a bone near her neck that is pressing on her spinal cord and it makes it very uncomfortable for our 4lb baby to move. We are grateful she is still able to walk as of now; a lot of dogs can become paralyzed by this. We are not doing the surgery right now, as it is very expensive and high risk. I wouldn’t say it is out of the question, but we will be watching her carefully. We can tell she is in pain and just want our little girl to feel good again. Thank you all for the sweet messages!

I start rehearsal next week for the play Boeing-Boeing, which will run in July at Mainstage Irving Las-Colinas. I will play one of the flight attendants, Gloria. This will be my first time back onstage in a little over a year, and I am nervous and excited! Max is heading to Connecticut in late July to start rehearsals for the musical, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” at the Sharon Playhouse – he is playing Joseph! I am SO proud of him and excited that he is getting this opportunity. He will be gone for over a month, but I can’t wait to go up to CT and cheer him on in August! So, I guess you could say it’s going to be a busy summer! Oh yeah, and we paid off our CREDIT CARD! WOOHOO! It feels so good to have that freedom again! The Lord has continually blessed us, and we are so grateful for all He has done. Thanks for reading y’all!


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