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March Obsessions + Life After Recovery + Life Updates


I can’t believe it’s already April!?! This blog post is way over-due, but I wanted to share my March obsessions, talk about life after recovery & a few new life updates!


Honaker House Blogger Retreat - Back in March, I went on a blogger retreat to the Honaker House in Farmersville, TX. I know you are probably thinking, a retreat in Farmersville? Yes, and it was fabulous! UM – this town and specifically this house are SO CUTE! Actually, I don’t think “cute” is the right word. It is a beautiful Victorian home that was built in the 1800’s, which definitely brought me to a completely different era. It was refreshing, inviting and elegant! Allison (one of the owners) made us feel at home all weekend. It was packed with photoshoots, outfit changes, food & tons of time to tell stories, laugh and have a good time! We even had a decadent 4 course meal provided by a local business, Over Yonder Texas! My favorite room in the house was the Ladies Parlor! It was where all the girls hung out before meals, had a few drinks and listened to music on the pink record player! If you are looking to get away for a weekend, this is the place to go – and I mean that sincerely!

Pink Rose Jumpsuit - It screams all things spring and summer, and I knew I just had to have it when I saw it! I had an event to go to at The Rustic in Dallas, the launch of the Eastciders “Rosé,” flavor (DELICIOUS!) and this was the perfect outfit! Click here for the link.

Fab Fit Fun – Okay, I gave in. I am constantly seeing these ads, and I have always wanted to try it for myself! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a subscription for a box with tons of goodies in it (all surprises) you get every quarter! I am talking makeup, skincare, water bottle, a floral robe, a small clutch, etc. I am in the place right now, where I genuinely want to try certain things out before I ever try to “partner” with a brand down the line. And, I genuinely loved my spring box! I still haven’t had the time to try all of the products yet, but I am going to make time! This also gives me a chance to try more skincare/beauty, which are things I am definitely trying to work on this year!

Once On This Island at The Firehouse Theatre – I will admit, this is one of the first shows I have seen in the area in a long time. Not because I haven’t wanted to, but I have made other things a higher priority this past year. I saw the revival on Broadway almost 2 years ago and fell in LOVE! The music is simply stunning. It was a treat to see it at The Firehouse Theatre in Farmers Branch! A very ambitious piece of work to take on in a smaller space, and I applaud them for doing such a good job. What stood out the most to me was the ensemble – the dancing and singing were spectacular, and I think audiences are going to love this one! I couldn’t stop dancing in my seat – you could tell the cast were having SO much fun, and they were radiating energy and JOY throughout the show. It runs two more weekends, so be sure to check it out! Get your ticket here.

Photo by Pendleton Photography

Beauty Products – Two products I recently found - Tarte Shape Tape Concealer and Morphie Bronzer. I have been on the hunt for a quality, long-lasting concealer. I tend to wear very light makeup during the week, but I still have dark circles under my eyes that I can’t get rid of, no matter how much sleep I get. So, I had heard about the Tarte one and it’s way more coverage (no wonder they call it “heavy duty!”), but it is also one I can wear onstage when I perform or do a show. I have always liked getting “glam” on the weekends for date nights or parties, so it was a good fit for me personally! I usually get my bronzer from the drugstore, it’s just cheaper and more convenient, but I always had to reapply quite a bit and it would end up shattering & breaking apart. I found this one at Ulta, and it was only $20! I say that because a lot of designer bronzers are around $40! Crazy talk! I really like the way this one is packed - the chances of it breaking are very slim, unlike every other powder/blush/bronzer I get! It’s not heavy at all, so I have just been carrying it around in my purse just in case. Both of these products can be found at Ulta or Sephora!

Vivian Spa, Dallas – I had my 2nd (ever) massage a few weekends ago. I typically use an at-home massager from Brookstone (which I still swear by!), but I wanted to try a professional one. I had been feeling extra tense and anxious due to changes at work and constant headaches and migraines – no surprise there. I had the Rose Quartz massage and it was AUH-MAZING. Brandy, my massage therapist, gave me tips and tricks for other relaxation methods as well as some stretches I needed to start doing to improve some alignment issues I am having. The staff was genuinely interested in me and my story, and it was evident that they were passionate about what they do! They also offer facials and mani/pedis! If you want to check it out, use KIM20 to get 20% off for your first visit. This is not sponsored in any way, I truly had a great experience!


Well, as most of you know, I completed ReGeneration (a recovery program) back in February, and I must say that life after recovery has not been easy. The first week, I truly didn’t know what to do and fell back into some sin struggles. I was used to having women around me weekly encouraging me, pouring into me, and helping keep me accountable in areas that I struggle. And then, BAM, it was gone. Naturally, I had a lot of bittersweet feelings. Friendships haven’t stopped, but as you get wrapped up in your daily life, it can be hard to stay in contact like before. My friends, Laura and Nicole, have continued to be there for me and point me back to Jesus. I am now taking an online course called “Following Jesus” and am continuing to grow and learn about God’s grace. It’s a phrase I had always heard and used before, but I never really grasped. So far, this class is teaching me that God doesn’t love me ANY LESS when I don’t do “Christian” things. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the legalistic part of it and forget that we will constantly fail. We don’t need to DO anything – the Holy Spirit does work IN US. So, when I sin or “fail,” instead of beating myself up and “trying to do better next time,” the appropriate response would be acknowledging that I have fallen short, confessing that to the Lord, and asking Him to change my desires, my heart, etc., to submit to Him and obey. No amount of charity work, serving at your church or reading your bible will please him any more! He loves you JUST AS YOU ARE! You don’t have anything to prove. So, this class has been good for me. I can tell my heart (the spirit in me) is longing for community and thirsting to know Him more. More classes, more worship, etc. - I want it all! This isn’t to say I am perfect and happy all the time. I just think my desires have changed. I still struggle, of course, but my self-awareness and my perspective are completely different! I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for the future as I continue to walk with Him.


We are making major progress on our debt – WOOHOOO – and it feels so good!! This isn’t to say that we don’t still have student loan debt, but come on! It is a huge burden that will be lifted when all is said and done! SO grateful the Lord provided both of us with stable jobs – and jobs that we both ENJOY! I have been at my current job since last July but was a contractor up until April 1! So, after going a year without benefits, I am STOKED to have insurance and go to the doctor!! I NEVER thought I would say that, but I have some catching up to do. I am hoping to get some help with my headaches and migraines and not pay an arm and a leg for appointments anymore. Max recently started rehearsals for the musical, The Island of the Skog, at Dallas Children’s Theater, and I know he is so excited! He hasn’t done a comedic role like this in a while, so I know it will be good for him. The show opens May 3 and runs until the 25th! This month, we will be celebrating 4 years of marriage!! How crazy is that?! Other than that, life has been busy with work, church, blogger events and date nights. I think that’s all for now – have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine when you can!


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