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Valentine's Date Ideas - Single OR Taken!

Do you ever feel like there was a holiday just for you? MEEEEE!!! Can you guess which one it is? Well, it’s all about love, pink and red, and I am here for it! I used to be really big on it with my husband, but I think this year it’s going to be low key! Like a stay at home, make homemade pizza kind of night? How does that sound, Max? LOL. I know there are so may clichés surrounding this holiday, and I am fully aware! But, I am choosing to celebrate and share with you some date ideas for couples as well as for a girl’s night out for all my galantine’s out there!



Homemade pizza + Redbox - For all of you that want to stay at home, do nothing fancy, and hang out with your s/o, this one is an easy option! My vote for this year! It’s not expensive and involves some great quality time together, which IMHO, is the best!!

Spa Date (Day or night!) – This could be for GNO or with your s/o! It sounds amazing right about now!! I love a good pampering, and I am pretty sure all my girlfriends would agree! It could also be something different you and your s/o do together (massage, mani, pedi, facials etc.). Count me in!

"Casablanca" at the Majestic Theatre – They are showing a screening of this classic film on February 10th at 5pm. It’s only $5, and I think it would be fun to go out and watch a movie somewhere, especially at a place like the Majestic!

Wine Walk in Bishop Arts – February 7th – How fun is this?! A night full of shopping, dining and wining 😉. To participate, all you do is buy a $15 wine glass! You will be given a list of the shops that are designated wine stops!

The Rustic – “Celebrating Singleness” – February 14th at 6pm! Calling all singles! If you want a chance to mingle with others, this might just be the place for you! They are giving out free drinks, tank tops & bourbon sampling from the Jim Beam distillery. The BEST breakup songs will be on repeat from 7-10pm, and there will also be speed dating! To me, this sounds super fun and a great way to meet others!

The Vintage Valentine’s Tour – February 14th from 6:30pm-10:30pm. Perfect for all you food lovers! Not only food, but wine, chocolate and jazz! Save $4 with the code EAT.

Staycation – A perfect weekend to get “away” and relax! Get a babysitter (or dog sitter in my case) and spend a night (or two) at a hotel! My hubby and I do this periodically when our schedules get super busy, and it is always relaxing to not have anything to do on the weekend!

As easy as it is to get caught up in the commercialization of this holiday, something I have been thinking about a lot lately is how I am loving and serving my spouse. I know there are areas in which I can improve! Making this a routine, NOT because of any holiday, is way more important to me than a box of chocolate and roses! Wherever you are – single or in a relationship or married - know that you are LOVED!



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