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January Obsessions!

I’m starting a new series where I will share (once a month) my latest obsessions!! It will be a range of anything from mental health to fashion, or just some good finds! I will never list anything I have not personally done/bought or tried, so please know that. It is my job to be honest with YOU and hopefully help you out! I’m currently trying to survive winter, and these are some items that are keeping me sane! Summer girl at heart over here! If you click on the picture above, you will be linked directly to the items, along with ones that are similar.


Here are my January obsessions!

CORDLESS SHIATSU NECK & BACK MASSAGER – Y’all, I can’t explain how AMAZING this Brookstone massager is. I got this about two years ago and use it multiple times a week. As many of you probably know, I get bad headaches/migraines and have a hard time dealing with stress (work in progress over here!), and this has been a lifesaver. Not only that, but it has saved TONS of money that I could be spending otherwise on getting professional massages. This isn’t to say that those are not amazing too, but I don’t always have the time or money for that. Each one of my family members has also tried this and LOVED IT. I think they were all surprised at how good it felt. So, all you do is charge it (this doesn’t take long at all) and put it over your shoulders/neck/lower back & tighten the straps for pressure. It also has HEAT! Yup. I move it all up and down my back, but mainly focus on between my shoulder blades, shoulders and neck! I am usually sore the next day because I like a rather hard massage, and this does the trick. So, I find this to be a necessity! It is $150, but it also goes on sale regularly!

SPANX LEGGINGS – These are the real deal. Spanx have so many different kinds of leggings and they are ALL good. Not only do they suck you in, but they hide any unflattering areas (tummy, cellulite, etc.). And, just like regular leggings, you can wear them with anything – with dresses, as pants, to work, or just out and about! I wear mine quite often and they DO go on sale!! I am currently wearing the faux moto leggings nonstop for a more edgy/different look, but I have linked all kinds here!

CANDLES – I found out about the Nest Fragrances last year and fell in love. I currently have three of their candles, and they smell so good! They are CLEAN scents and last quite a while! Even when the candles aren’t lit, they still make the room smell so good. Of course, I wish you could smell them through the internet, but they have a huge variety of scents to choose from. My current favorite is the Sparkling Cassis scent! Also, Kendra Scott started making candles, and I am just as crazy about them! I recently bought their Berry scent on sale and am loving it!

MISTIFIED BEAUTY – A spray tanning service in Dallas! I love to have some color, especially in the winter, and this has been one my favorite finds from 2018. They have all sorts of services including facials and massages, but I have only done the spray tan so far! They come to YOU! How convenient is that? A huge tent is setup in your living room (no, nothing gets messy!) and you get a spray tan that only takes a few minutes. Later, you are supposed to rinse off in the shower (no soap) after about 4 hours. Or, you can let it soak in as long as you want! It is one of those spray tans that sticks around, too. I usually get one every 2 weeks! Amy, my personal spray tanner (and could be yours too!), is SO sweet! I highly recommend checking them out if you are in the area!

Check it out!

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY by best-selling author Lysa Terkeurst - I have talked about her books before, but this is her latest! Much like the other books she has written, this book is such an easy read and it comes with a workbook if you would like to do a Bible study with it! In this book, she talks openly about her husband’s affair and how they went through the reconciliation process. She speaks truth with Biblical Scripture about our disappointments & life circumstances that don’t go our way, or the way we think it should go. She gives HOPE and points you to Jesus on every page. I love her courage, bravery and open heart!

Well, that was fun! I’m going to NYC next week, so that will be a nice change from work/everyday schedule! Even though it will be cold, I will be with my family in one of my favorite cities! And yes, I typically take my massager with me, even on vacation! Hope you all have a great weekend <3




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