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Gift-Guide for the PINK lover!!

Okay, I could not NOT do a gift-guide for all things PINK! I had to limit it to only 25 things, or else we would be here for days! 😊 So many of these items are on sale too!!

3 of the items – the Pink Lover mug, the “Pink Makes Me Happy” hoodie, and the “Can I Get This in Pink” are all from Pink Lover Shop. They are brand new and of course I fell in love!! I have ordered a few goodies and cannot wait to show them off!

I think I went a little crazy for shoes, but they are all so fun and different!! Pretty sure all of these are on my wishlist too!

Okay, phew! I think I am finished with my gift-guides this year! I hope you all found something you could give a loved one, co-worker, or friend! I am ALMOST done with all of my Christmas shopping, just a few more things to do!



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