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Cozy Gift Guide

I definitely feel like "cozy" is my natural state...truly! Whenever I am at home, I immediately change into PJ's, leggings, a t-shirt, etc.! ESPECIALLY in the winter time. If you haven't picked up on it, I am always cold. Always. So I am constantly layering in the winter and taking an extra jacket/sweater with me everywhere I go. I have always been this way, so I knew I had to do a cozy gift guide! I would be wearing any one of these after a long day at work, or to hangout in. If it wasn't a crime to go somewhere in my PJ's, I totally would. It has been extremely cold in Dallas as of lately which is unusual, so people have been bundling up down here!

You probably have that friend too, the one that is always cold! I think some of these are good stocking stuffers or gifts for your sisters, co-workers, mom, or your "cold" friend! So, scroll through these pictures and click on the picture at the top OR the collage picture which links everything so you can see pricing, etc.!

Stay warm out there friends, but more importantly, stay COZY!!! :)


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