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EXTRA! EXTRA! - Read all about it! Fall Fashion!

Fall Fashion Trends

Just because it’s the season of fall and the holidays are right around the corner, that doesn’t mean I will stop wearing my signature color!! I will admit, being in the social media world, I am constantly influenced by others and see lots of DIFFERENT fashion trends. One thing I HAVE realized is that I am terrible at buying the basics!! Instead, my go-to is buying all the bright colors and patterns + IN PINK! But, one thing is for sure – I want to stick true to MY style and MY fashion, which is PINK and living colorfully! So, even though these may be “trends,” I want to encourage you to be YOU and wear want YOU want! But, y’all better believe I’m still gonna be wearing obnoxious colors, sequins, sparkles and PINK all year long! <3

PS: Click on the picture above to shop my look :)


CAMO – I am on the fence about this one. It’s cute but, in my opinion, too much of this is just not my thing. I do like the pattern, but I personally wouldn’t spend money on camo everything!

LEOPARD PRINT – I do love this one! You can pair pretty much any other color with it – especially big pops of color, so this works in my favor! I think it’s sassy and fun! And places like Target & Forever 21 (AFFORDABLE places) carry these!!

CARDIGANS – I am all about being comfy and warm, so these are my favorite!! And, obviously, you can get them in multiple colors, and even the rainbow cardigan is on trend – I cannot wait to get this one!!! Being colorful in fall can be hard but, not with a pop of color!

DAD SNEAKERS – Okay, this one I’m not on board with. I love some good, comfortable tennis shoes, but I just don’t find them to be very cute. I may be alone here, and that’s totally fine. Like I said before, wear what you want!

DENIM / JACKETS – I don’t think this is new to anyone. But all kinds of distressed denim are very popular – jeans and jackets that come in SO many different varieties of washes. I like both of these – it looks pretty cool and you can pair denim with so many different things! Dress it up, casual, you name it! It’s up to you to accessorize and glamorize your outfit depending on the occasion!

Let me just add that I do not/will not judge others for their fashion style and what they choose to wear. It is your opportunity to be YOU! Some of these trends, I just don’t think I can pull off to be honest! But, if I am learning anything about it, it is to be bolder in my choices and try new things, which I am!

Happy Fall Y’all & make sure you stay true to YOU!


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