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On The Road To Recovery

This year has been quite a journey so far, and I have kept a lot of it quiet. But, in order to be transparent and help OTHERS, I thought I would share the recovery program I am going through.

I started going to Re-Generation at Watermark Community Church back in February. I knew everything was a mess because I was broken, tired from trying to live my life MY way, and only focus on ME. I am currently over halfway through the program, and I can’t say enough good things about it. It is a year-long commitment, a 12- step program for ANYONE struggling. People often go for things such as addiction, alcoholism, and addiction to pornography - and then there are other struggles that you cannot see, which is where I fall.

I am recovering from anxiety, low self-worth, and seeking approval from others. Some people have stated that these aren’t “real problems," but that is simply not true. These are defined as having baggage or bad habits from the past that you “thought” you dealt with, when in reality, they continued to be a problem. I have been trying to seek approval from others from insecurity – through theatre, social media, relationships & my marriage, instead of the one thing that truly matters - finding my worth in Jesus. Apart from Him, I can’t do it on my own... none of us can. We go through sinful patterns by doing an inventory of ALL of our resentments, fears, harms to me, harms I did to others, a sexual inventory, and a recovery plan. Instead of being judged or criticized, I was met with love and support. It is a daily struggle (and still is) to put Him first, to trust him with ALL aspects of my life. I have quite a bit left to learn, and I will constantly be growing, learning, confessing, asking for forgiveness and sinning. This program doesn’t “fix” me - it is simply giving me tools going forward to help deal with the problems and ultimately point me back to Christ (DAILY!). I am so thankful for the people I have met, my group, my leaders, my mentor, and one of my best friends, Nicole, and all those who have supported me thus far in the journey.

If you have issues or past hurts and hang-ups, I would highly recommend checking out the program. Just come and see what it’s about. It IS a process, not an overnight fix, but WORTH IT! Please message me for more details, or let me know if you have questions. Thanks for letting me share 😊


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