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6 Ways To Prevent Seasonal Depression

This is something I have noticed in recent years that has been a struggle for me. Don’t get me wrong - I love football season, but I’m not a huge fan of fall. Seasonal depression, which is also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, can happen in the summer and winter. Some of the common symptoms of SAD in the winter are overeating, lethargy & sadness. But it can vary from person to person.

I ALWAYS seem to gain weight during this season of life, and my initial response is to sleep more! But, I have found certain things we can do ourselves to help prevent this!

  1. Getting Up Earlier – you want to make sure you are getting in enough sunlight, so this is the perfect solution. This is hard for me because I am not a morning person, but if it will help my overall mental health, then I am all for it! Taking a walk or doing my morning quiet times is perfect!

  2. Get Moving – yes, I am talking about exercise! We are probably all tempted (or maybe it’s just me?) to not be as active, because the cooler weather makes me want to stay inside and stay cozy. I am cold ALL the time, so getting out takes extra effort for me. But this is good for you in general! Exercising is proven to reduce anxiety and depression! It always makes me feel more accomplished and stronger in general!

  3. Eating Habits – it has been proven that people who eat more veggies and produce often struggle less with anxiety and depression. This is not in my regular diet like it should be! I think I just get lazy when in reality, I need to be doing this all the time!

  4. Supplements – if you don’t already take some natural supplements, now is a good time! Some good options include Vitamin D, Vitamin B-complex, the Plexus Multivitamin or Probiotic, and Chamomile. Chamomile has also been proven to ease anxiety symptoms. This is a new one for me, so I will be trying it out!

  5. Sticking to a Schedule – it can be easy to get off schedule with it getting darker earlier and not as much sunlight. But, if you stick to the same sleep schedule during the week AND on the weekends, it will help! I get headaches and migraines often, and I know this will help that area as well.

  6. Light Therapy Boxes – has anyone tried these? I have only read about them. You are supposed to sit in front of one (preferably in the morning) for 30 minutes. These lights are significantly brighter than the ones around your everyday house. This would help me wake up faster too!

I am no professional, but these are some of the things I will attempt to do this season, as I can tell the weather is already bothering me – and it’s not even October. If you have any suggestions to add, please send them my way! I hope this helps someone out who may struggle with SAD! It’s almost Friday though y’all, so CHEERS TO THAT!!!


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