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Summer Recap!

Feeling "FABULOUS" because this summer was awesome!! Channeling my inner Sharpay from "High School Musical" above because, why wouldn't I express my excitement with a song and lots of pink?! If you couldn’t tell by now, I LOVE SUMMER! I love being outside, being by the water, the bright colors, the beach – the list goes on! This summer was packed full of exciting things, so I wanted to do a recap with some updates!

We started off the summer with Max getting back from NYC and jumped right into his sister, Emma’s, wedding festivities! It was a blast! Summer would not be complete without a staycation at a new place, and we tried The Statler in Downtown Dallas. I highly recommend it!! We went to a Fourth of July party on the rooftop pool, tried a new restaurant and had good quality time! We also went to a Texas Rangers baseball game, part of Max’s birthday celebrations since he would be in rehearsals for his birthday! Max was in the musical, “The Music Man,” at The Firehouse Theatre, and that ran for 4 weeks! He was extremely busy rehearsing or doing 6 shows a week! So, we didn’t get THAT much time together until recently. He was FANTASTIC in the show – and of course, I got to go almost every weekend to cheer him on!

I went to Alabama over a weekend for my cousin’s wedding, and it was SO FUN! I saw family members I had not seen in years, and it my made my heart so happy! The wedding was beautiful, and I know everyone had a blast! I also saw my Granddaddy, whom I haven’t seen in 4 years. He is not able to travel, so it was a LONG overdue trip! Another SUPER FUN wedding was my best friend’s brother, Tyler! I have known Tyler since 9th grade, and he finally married the love of his life, Meghan! This family is all around FUN, and Max and I had a blast at the reception! I also went to Fort Worth with my family to meet one of my distant cousins who lives in Norway! This was her first time in America, and she was staying with some of my other family members who live out in Fort Worth. It was so cool getting to see everyone (2nd, 3rd & 4th cousins) that we don’t often see! Crazy, right? Some of my family live so close, but everyone just gets so caught up with life!

Celebrations for Max’s birthday continued until August because of his crazy schedule! Birthdays are very important in my family, and we always like to dinner together! Recently, we went to Javier’s with his family, and it was SO yummy! I think that has been the best part, just spending time together. Whether it’s at the pool, at a restaurant or just hanging out, it is always special and it’s something I NEVER want to take for granted.

I also started selling Plexus, aka the “Pink Drink.” I have NOT been able to be consistent with my weight, and this helps me with cravings! It helps regulate my blood sugar and my gut, and I lose weight in the process, so it’s a win-win! If you want to know more, or if you just want to try it once, send me a message! I usually HATE these kinds of things and get annoyed with people constantly posting about it. But, it has actually worked for me – it’s all natural and all PINK, so I couldn’t resist! 😊

Other fun summer events included: blogger meet ups, pool days, meeting new friends, bible study, and going to Texarkana to judge the Miss Texarkana Twin Rivers pageant! It was my first time judging, but it was SO MUCH FUN! I definitely learned a lot just being on the other side of the table. I was so impressed with all the girls and especially the TALENT! I am excited to see their journey and watch them compete in Miss Texas 2019. It was a fun getaway weekend with Max!

Labor Day weekend was also full of fun! Talk about BUSY! I’m pretty sure my body finally told me NO on Sunday, because I wanted to do so many things and I eventually got a migraine and needed to rest! The weekend started out with a movie date night where we saw the movie, Searching. YOU GUYS MUST SEE THIS. It was so good!! My brother came into town from Houston, and we all went to my sister’s house the next day for a pool day and barbeque! It was the first day of college football, so I think everyone had something they enjoyed doing 😉 I really wanted to do another pool party on Sunday with some friends, but I could not get over this migraine! I needed to do nothing, even though I have serious FOMO sometimes! I still wasn’t feeling super great that night but went out to eat with my family and then went to Legacy Hall with my siblings. I didn’t last very long, but you better believe I had some desert! My sweet hubby took me home early, and I crashed! On Labor Day, it was mostly just a day to relax! We did celebrate my sister and her husband’s birthday at Mi Cocina that night! It was a great way to end the weekend, but I was completely worn out! But, it was a short week, and we were about to leave for the beach, so I didn’t mind!

This year has been full of crazy ups and downs, and we decided a trip to the beach was a must! I used to go to Gulf Shores growing up but haven’t been back since! It was so much fun, and a big highlight of my year! That may sound so cheesy, but it’s true! It’s amazing what getting away, relaxing, and spending quality time together can do for your soul! And, of course we ate at The Pink Pony Pub right on the beach and it was PINK! The food was great & so was the service! Another fun place was The Hangout - suitable for families, parties, live music, football-watching and having a good time! We spent most of the days at the beach, tried new places to eat, splurged on lots of ice cream, played putt-putt, went on a dolphin cruise in Orange Beach and had great conversation. There is something about being by the ocean that makes my heart SO happy. I feel so much peace. It was the best way to end Summer 2018 – that’s for sure!!

Fall is approaching, and there is so much more to look forward to! Most importantly, I am excited to continue growing in my relationship with the Lord. The good this year definitely outweighs all the bad, and it’s all because of Him! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Thank you for letting me share

<3 Xoxo,

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