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Bringing SUNSHINE into SUMMER with this outfit!

You want to know the least common color in my wardrobe? YELLOW. That's right. Now, don't ask me why, but it is slowly becoming one of my favorites! It's so bright, cheerful & BOLD! I'm loving all the summer colors out right now, but you can pair any color with yellow and it will look great! (Yes, of course, that does mean pink!)

This top is from Neiman Marcus Last Call, and it is a must. I tend to have a lot of patterned tops and dresses, and I have realized that I need more PLAIN tops so that I can pair them with awesome accessories and other colors! This is a perfect example. I paired this bright yellow off-the-shoulder top with a jean skirt (Forever 21). All I needed was the right accessories, SO my bright pink lace up wedges from Impressions Online Boutique were perfect! You guys seriously have to check them out! Their clothes are amazing quality, the customer service is excellent, and they ship items out to you insanely fast. It's unlike any other boutique I have shopped with before - and I have shopped at PLENTY! Last, but not least, I wore my multicolored Baublebar earrings, and there you have it - you have a perfect summer outfit! I got so many compliments on the entire outfit! I think it’s because people are so used to me wearing so much pink, that when I come out in bright yellow, it was a surprise!

This is obviously one of the main reasons I love summer - all of the BRIGHT colors! So, don't be afraid - keep being yourself and wearing what YOU love! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Cheers to another beautiful day!


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