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New Year, Better Me? SPRING IT ON!

So, how are you all doing on ur New Years resolutions?? Specifically, the eating healthy, exercising and losing weight? Well, to be honest, I have gotten a late start on mine! Life just gets busy, and it has not been a major priority for me. BUT, great news, because I’m not giving up! Just getting started!

Body image has always been something I have struggled with. My weight is constantly fluctuating due to stress or other things that may be going on in my life. I think by doing pageants and theatre, I put extra pressure on myself. I don’t have a great relationship with food, and that’s one of my main goals this year! In the meantime, I know that I always feel better after exercising. If I do want to decrease my anxiety medication, I have to exercise like crazy! I have found an amazing place that welcomed me with open arms and encouraged me to just keep coming back! The Barre Code - Plano is my safe place to workout, dance, brawl, and get my exercise on. *I would say the BEST thing about working out at The Barre Code, they do not care what you look like on the outside but how you feel on the inside! They encourage every single person that comes in to just do their best and to be STRONG! There are women (& occasionally men) of all shapes, sizes & ages*. It is so inspiring to see everyone's growth & confidence GROW! Lucky for me (and YOU!), they have the SPRING IT ON CHALLENGE just around the corner! It is not only so much fun, but you also get to know some amazing people!! You are instantly accepted the minute you come in the door. So come and try it out!!!

The Barre Code Plano’s Spring It On Challenge March 12-April 1st

"This year, to usher in a bright, new season, we are launching our annual Spring It On Challenge. The theme of this year’s challenge is fun and colorful, inspired by bright street art and our co-branded retail collection with Phat Buddha! Each week of the challenge will include speciality class formats, giveaways, and tons of motivation!

In order to complete the challenge and become eligible to win the grand prize and/or one of the local prizes, clients must complete 15 classes in 21 days Our “Local Prizes” are AWESOME! 3 lucky Challenge Finishers will receive a MisFit Vapor, MisFit’s new smart watch!"

Email for more info and/or to sign up for the challenge!

March 11th Free Athleta Friends & Family Classes at Athleta Stonebriar (Frisco) - Free Classes with The Barre Code Plano, Giveaways & 25% off Your Purchase!

5PM Interval Brawl with Athleta Brand Ambassador, Courtney (Wear Tennis Shoes)

6PM BarRestore class with Master Trainer, Julie (Bring Yoga Mat and Socks)

*Further class descriptions can be pulled from the schedule link above if desired.

I would HIGHLY recommend BOTH of these things, but if you are unsure, come with me to the free class and check it out! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, or I can direct you to Julie, the Owner & Master Trainer of the Barre Code Plano!


As you might guess, I LOVE bright colors & P I N K, so that is usually what I wear to class! Along with my cute Barre Code water bottle that I won from another challenge! I have tons of Barre Code swag that I will also be showing off - too many cute these to choose from!

In this photo I am wearing Lily Pulitzer! Comfy, Bright & ALL things S P R I N G! Sparkly pink tennis shoes from Amazon (15$!) and my Barre Code water bottle! It makes me feel good just going to class even when I don't want to if I am wearing bright, cheerful things!

I will keep you updated on my health & fitness! Whatever works best for your body, then do it! It is never to late to get started on something - who needs a new year for that? Let's get started!

Have a FABULOUS weekend, friends!


Photos by Adrian Stecker

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