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Valentine's Day / Galentine's Day + Date Ideas!

I have always loved Valentine’s Day. More often than not, I have had a boyfriend on this day, so I always got to celebrate and was made to feel special! One of my love languages is gifts, and half of Valentine’s Day gifts are PINK, so naturally, I get excited! I’m no expert on marriage, but after being married for almost 3 years to my sweet husband, Max, I have a different perspective about Valentine’s Day. Of course, we know it is about LOVE - LOVE for your significant other, LOVE for your friends, or LOVE for your family. Max has always gone above and beyond every year (and every holiday for that matter), but this year, the thing that I value (and what I want) the most is quality time together. Don’t get me wrong - I love a nice dinner, gifts, (I am a sucker for flowers!), and of course, getting dressed up! But, I have found that being intentional with one another is more important than any fancy date night. It should be a night without cell phones or distractions. We are both professional performers and will be performing in two different shows that night, so like many other people, we will schedule a different day to have our quality time. We actually decided to go "Glamping" - meaning a "luxurious or glamorous type of camping." Our "Glamping site" will be in our living room! We will make a fort, get dressed up, order pizza, and watch a movie! After doing the same things all the time, you have to get creative and different. Just because you’re married does NOT mean you stop “dating” your spouse! You have to have FUN, and in the hustle and bustle of life, it can get stressful and busy! One of my favorite Valentine's memories - a few years ago, we had a picnic down at White Rock Lake and just talked. Nothing fancy! We are not promised tomorrow. So, if you DO have a significant other, make sure you share your feelings, love on them, and serve them - not just on February 14, but every day!!

Now THIS is my kinda date!!

Now, if we lived near a beach, THIS would be a cool date night! The beach is my happy place!

All my single ladies out there, GALENTINE'S is coming for you! Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I don’t want a Galentine's night too! I have said this before, but I only have a few close friends - friends that I truly trust, who know me in and out, and accept and love me for who I am. These are the girls that I want to spend time with and love on! These friendships are extremely important to me, as they should be! Galentine's Day is an excuse to get together with those girlfriends, get dressed up, and TREAT YO SELF! You may not have a special someone to share that day with - and that’s OKAY. It doesn’t mean you are ANY less of a person - you're just waiting for the right one. No matter what your circumstances are, there is always room for love! Spend it with your girlfriends and the people who will lift you up and encourage you!

Here are some fun date ideas for EVERYONE out there!

- Dinner! This doesn’t have to break the bank - this is about having good, meaningful conversation. WITHOUT Phones! :)

- Wine tasting, or just having wine w/friends!

- Make homemade pizza

- Indoor or outdoor (weather permitting) picnic! (One of my favorites!)

- Netflix binge - there are always shows. Always.

- Ice cream date <3

- Romantic Glamping - yes, in your living area or somewhere luxurious!

- Staycation for a night with your partner.

- If you have kids, you can make sweet treats, go to dinner as a family or just be together!

- Breakfast in bed.

- Redbox a movie or go to the theatre (LOTS of good Oscar movies out this time of year!)

- Painting class with friends or significant other!

- Find an activity you like on GROUPON - for groups or couples!

- GNO - wine tasting, go out to dinner, order food in, watch movies, or go shopping!

I know that for many, you dread this day, and it seems like an over-commercialized, stupid holiday with unrealistic expectations. There is a ton of pressure in our society about everything you MUST do and buy. It has become ridiculous. I get it! Up until this year, I've had to catch myself from getting too caught up in all of it. So, if you simply prefer NOT to celebrate, that’s OKAY! Here are a few suggestions for YOU. Since I do deal with anxiety, I definitely need my down time and time away from people & I have found these activities to help me relax:

- Taking a bubble bath

- Getting a massage

- Working out

- Taking a nap

- Splurging on dinner and a dessert (for just me - lol)

- Reading a book

- Snuggling with my pups

I would encourage you to find things that YOU like to do - things that make you feel better, relaxed, and rested. Take care of yourself, and do whatever works for YOU!

Whatever you do - do it with LOVE....and PINK!


Photos by: Cottonwoodroad Photography

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