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S U N D A Y F U N D A Y - Superbowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday

I may be extremely girly and love pink, but I also LOVE football - way more than my hubby, I might add! I don’t know how or why, but it happened. I grew up with my Dad watching it a lot, but I didn’t get really into it until I started going to TCU (GO FROGS!!). I'm a HUGE college football fan! This is probably because I have family members that went to many different schools, so there are always teams to root for! In my family, we have family members that went to TCU, Auburn, Tennessee, SMU, A&M, Texas Tech & Baylor - and this doesn’t include my cousins' schools! Talk about rivalries! One fun fact about the 2018 Super Bowl - Rex Burkhead, who attended my high school (Plano Senior High School) is a running back for the New England Patriots and will be playing on Sunday! How crazy is that?! #PlanoProud!! I do always tend to root for the underdog though (Philadelphia Eagles)... but I am torn about this one! Honestly, one of the main reasons I tune in is for the Super Bowl commercials. It’s like the Olympics for commercials. I also always watch the halftime performance. Duh. Being a performer myself, I am always intrigued to see how pop artists perform under the pressures of live TV. It’s either amazing... or you will hear about it otherwise.

Anyways... who doesn’t love going to a good party? Well, here are a few items you might want to consider before the big game on Sunday!

1. FOOD, FOOD, FOOD - But, not just chips & salsa. It’s going to be a long night. Pinterest has all sorts of amazing food options, but my personal favorites are ham & cheese sandwiches. These are not just your regular ham & cheese sandwiches - they are AMAZING. I could eat 10 easily! It is definitely NOT on my diet plan right now, but it would be hard to pass up!

Hawaiian rolls + Ham + Swiss cheese + Dijon mustard = Heaven.

Find the recipe here.

I would recommend doing a potluck, so you can have all sorts of goodies and save money at the same time! Or, there is always pizza. You really can't go wrong with that!

2. DRINKS - A wide variety here would be smart, but you should certainly have BEER. Football + beer just go together. I’m not a beer-drinker myself, but I know it makes the party better!

3. DECOR - I know, I know - I’m a girl (and this may seem silly), but if I’m hosting a party, you better believe I’m going to decorate with a theme and throw in a splash of PINK. This is nothing that the Dollar Tree or Party City won’t have! If you're looking for specific items for your team, Rally House has all your needs - from apparel to keepsakes to signs. Also, check out Amazon. They have everything... and I mean everything!

4. Outfit/ Makeup - I would go with either themed eye makeup or themed face paint! For girls who love an excuse to try different colors or crazy ideas (me), this is your chance!! I love ALL the makeup from Makeup Forever & TooFaced! I mean, they have at least 25 different shades of pink already. BUT, they have ALL your color needs, and they are quality products. Also, glitter - they have all the glitter!! I’m sure most people will buy a jersey/T-shirt for their favorite team and pair it with comfy jeans. The good thing about this is that you can be comfy and sit on a couch all night! I would most certainly be blinging out MY jersey!

Super Bowl Sunday is also an excuse to get together with friends and catch up, even if you're not a football fan. So, whatever you do, have a FABULOUS SUNDAY and have a PARTY somewhere! There is always something or someone in your LIFE to celebrate!

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