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My Style

I would say my fashion sense is a little bit of everything! I probably fit the stereotypical blonde “girly girl” from the looks of it – a living Elle Woods – but I am OK with that! Of course, I like to follow a lot of the every day trends, but I also like things that are unique and COLORFUL!! Bright colors make me so happy – prints, patterns, florals, sparkles, lace, and fur…you name it! I really started getting comfortable in my own skin after I competed in the Miss Texas pageant back in 2011. It made me confident and unafraid to just be ME. I have always been made fun of and criticized for things I wear – it’s “too much,” “too fancy,” “extra,” “over the top.” But it’s who I am. I wear all of these things because it makes me feel good. I like the fit or color and any good sale I can find! I love getting dressed up and wearing fancy things. Now, don’t get me wrong – when I am at home, I am all about sweatpants and t-shirts. But, I definitely “collect clothes,” dresses in particular. I DO try to add a splash of PINK to everything I wear, whether it’s earrings or some sort of accessory to go with the outfit. I think pink can go with anything! Soon, I will be sharing some of my favorite outfits for everyday life – celebrations, holidays, different seasons, casual, workout…you name it! Stay tuned and remember, you are Fabulous!



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