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One of my favorites - stocking stuffers! We will typically do a gift card, candy - nothing fancy, but since we are not doing any major gifts this year - I am trying to get a little bit more creative with the stockings! 85% of these items are items I already own and LOVE! Y'all already know about my love for Tula, so I chose one of their smaller products - the face-filter primer - one of their top selling products! A few amazon finds on here that I have shared before, Soap & Glory set which smells HEAVENLY! I also had to put two hair masks, because they have basically transformed my hair this year. Most of these are under $25, with the exception of just a few. I am sharing in more detail these items on my Instagram stories and will save to highlights so be sure to check it out!

TULA - Anything you wan to get from Tula - you can use my code INTHEPINK for 15% off ~ be sure to check out the best sellers.

LIQUID IV - If you have been following me for awhile, I have been using this non-stop. It is a hydration multipler. One pack = 3 bottles of water. I have not been great about drinking enough water since being at home this year. They have all different flavors - my favorites are Strawberry (they brought it back!), Tangerine (it has Zinc in it!), and Passion Fruit. Use the code PURPOSEINTHEPINK for 25% off + Free Shipping! Click here to check it out!

Happy Shopping,



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