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I am back with #PINKWEDNESDAY ! I am holding off on doing sequins this week - even though this Rachel Parcell sequin skirt is fabulous, it is sold out everywhere, so I am going to focus on jackets, coats & more faux fur outerwear options & continue to do sequins in a few weeks! It is finally cold in TX, and I mean cold! I don't buy new jackets every year- who does? I have had this faux fur jacket for several years and it is one of my all time favorites - from none other than Amazon! I am on the hunt for a new pink coat that is a bit more functional and if you are a #pinklover - this list might be just for you! I have so much more to catch you guys up on including our trip & life in general ~ but #PINKWEDNESDAY is priority :). Make sure you follow me on Instagram and the free LikeToKnow.It App to get my daily outfit looks and links to products where I post daily.

ALERT: NEW HASHTAG for all things PINK! If you find something PINK, or something pink makes you think of me, use one of my links... make sure you send it to me on Instagram with the hashtag:

If I have never shared what my Instagram name means, it means that I am trying to live positively and with a purpose no matter what circumstances I have faced or WILL face! Anxiety & depression are a big part of my story, but so are healing. I want to inspire others to be bold, to be who they are and not be afraid to put themselves out there - no matter what you are going through, you are NOT alone <3. Shopping is fun, but that's is not what really matters. What matters is relationships, our heart, family and my faith.

You don't want to miss next week's #PINKWEDNESDAY - hint another collab with some other #pinklovers and a gifting!


Happy Shopping!



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