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Hostess Guide-Guide!


I have never done a gift-guide for a HOST! Personally, I think a bottle of wine would be just fine, but after thinking about it, I wanted to choose THOUGHTFUL gifts that families could use and enjoy. Of course some are more thoughtful than others, but a simple way to say THANK YOU for opening up their home, food & love to be together.

  1. Nest Holiday Candle - These are by far the best holiday candles - who doesn't love a good candle this time of year? I feel like its my love language. Nest is known for their holiday scents and they are very potent, clean & will last you a long time. They come in 3 sizes ~ a mini ($16), regular ($42 - what we usually get), and large ($75). These candles will be in most of my gift guides :) Regular scents we love are Bamboo and Lavender.

2. Amazon Back & Neck Massager - This is probably another item that will be in all of my gift-guides! It has amazing reviews and I use it almost daily. You have to be by a wall so I usually use it on the couch or have it by my bedside. Max uses this too and I have given this as a gift many times. It is one of those things that you don't want to spend money on it and you didn't know you needed it until you have it!

3. Wine Chiller ~ Nothing fancy here, but it is something that would be handy to have around the holidays for family gatherings and get-togethers. It makes it easy that it's pretty to look too!

4. Amazon Charcuterie Board ~ This thing looks so neat! Charcuterie boards are so fun to have at any social event or around the house and this one already has the dividers in it which I LOVE!

5. Personalized Cutting Board ~ More on the thoughtful side, but isn't this so sweet? This is definitely something I think my parents or grandparents would really appreciate and it's so unique.

6. Throw Blanket ~ this affordable throw blanket comes in many color options, but if you don't know the color palette for the family, cream is always a good option. I don't know about you, but I love having blankets around...and so do my pets!

7. Wine Rack - This just looks gorgeous and if you are a wine lover, or need some extra space to store wine, this one is beautiful and has been a top seller for several years.

8. Wine Glasses (Set of 2) - Another idea to go with a bottle of wine is a nice set of wine glasses. I love the long stem on these and these are great quality.

9. Personalized Tote Bag - It is your preference weather you get this personalized or not, but after talking with one of my moms dearest friends, she thought this was a great idea! This was is a large tote so it's very versatile and comes in many colors.


Happy Shopping!



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