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July Obsessions + Life Updates

WOAH! Well, we have finally hit 100 degrees in Texas - I knew we would! No complaints over here, except when I get in my car. Or, walk outside and I don't see a pool. I am a little late with the "July Obsessions", I think summer fun has just gotten in the way! Here are a few things as of late I think are worth checking out as well as some life updates!

Omni Frisco Hotel

Over the July 4th weekend, Max and I had the pleasure of staying at the Omni Frisco because I won a giveaway on Instagram! I enter these things all the time and honestly, I don’t ever win, so I was THRILLED to get to stay at this luxurious hotel! We arrived quite a bit early and the room was ready – with a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, and a personal note signed by the staff personalized just for me with a touch of PINK! WHAT? They set the bar extremely high. We have stayed at the Omni in Dallas before, but the one in Frisco is Dallas Cowboys themed since is located right next to the practice stadium. The view from our room – and many others was incredible! We were walking distance to plenty of restaurants – we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant called Neighborhood Services (SO YUMMY AND SO MUCH FOOD!) – portions were very large and delicious. MY favorite part? The pool (of course), the field, the views, the rooms and the customer service. I really couldn’t just pick one! Everything was just terrific. If you would like more information about this hotel, click here!


I have been shopping at this boutique for over 7 years, before it became “big” I guess you could say. I am so excited to say I am working with them and I am officially a Pink Lily Ambassador! So, I feel like this is a very genuine partnership because I know the sizing VERY well, the quality. Several things I LOVE about this boutique – they are constantly having sales – I rarely ever buy something UNLESS it is on sale, great customer service, and the clothes match my style – girly! But, please note – they have something for everyone – neutrals, casual style, bright colors and sizes vary to fit everyone – which they didn’t used to have! I put together a collage of something of their items for fall that are so cute.

Here is the direct link to the site to shop if you would like!

Things to note: I am 5’6 and I am between a 6-8 so for tops I usually get a medium, rompers and jumpsuits, a large (I am mostly legs!), and dresses – it varies. I don’t want it to be too short, so sometimes the large works, sometimes a medium is just fine! Always check their sizing chart & how they wash their items.


here I am wondering HOW I have never mentioned this restaurant? Max and I went here to celebrate his birthday and we don’t go as often as we would like, but we have been going here for about 6 years and we call it “our place”. He found this restaurant years ago and it was the first nicer place we went to and we fell in love with their dessert – mainly because it was chocolate cake with coco puffs – kind of hard to forget because who puts coco puffs on their desert! I have gotten a variety of things over the years including the mahogany chicken, steak salad (the only salad that I LOVE & fills me up!), sandwiches, burger. Their wine menu is pretty extensive, not to say we are wine connoisseurs, but they seem to have a lot of options! The atmosphere is quiet and chic – more information about "our" restaurant, click . 😊

Podcast - Made For This with Jennie Allen

I have only listened to a few episodes, but I love the real, honest and raw conversations about life and faith on here. There are so many important topics discussed that NEED to be talked about and are relevant to so many people. A few of the topics so far that I have resonated with are about friendships, boundaries and marriage. As you can probably tell, most of my podcasts I listen to are faith based because what you consume on a daily basis is what you pour out. I have not been very consistent with this lately as far as having my priorities in line, but listening to these podcasts are so refreshing and I would encourage you to give it a go!

Barefoot Dreams - This is my latest obsession, which started during the Nordstrom sale. They are incredibly soft blankets, cardigans, socks, etc. I got several cardigans during the sale and have been wearing them nonstop - mainly because I am typically always cold at work. Actually, I am always cold in general. They are pricey, but I do wear my daily, so I say it is worth it. I would not have bought them if they were not on sale. I would definitely feel them and look at the different styles if you are ever in the store - I know this isn't for everyone (totally fine!), but this is something I splurged on and to me, it was worth it! They are one of the top 3 best selling items every year at the Nordstrom sale and I can see why! Here are some of the images!

Life Updates

It has really been busy around here lately, which you will notice the lack of posts on the blog! In July - I was extremely busy going to rehearsal for my show "Boeing Boeing" in Irving after work, which opened July 19th and just recently closed - it was a BLAST! I had never done a farce before, but I must say it took a lot out of me with my job and in general!

We also celebrated Max's birthday with our families and went on plenty of date nights before he headed off to Connecticut - he is currently in (and starring in) Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Sharon Playhouse! I can't wait to go up in just a few short weeks to see the show! I am so very proud of him - another perfect role for him to play. In other news, I can't being summer is almost over?! How are we already here again? If you know me, I am a summer girl at heart, so I will be getting in as much pool time in as possible and enjoying the weather (yes, I said it!) as I can! We are planning to go to LA over labor day weekend, we have never been and we will just be doing some exploring for the long weekend. Real talk - my priorities have been all over the place lately and as a result, anxiety and stress, but I will save that for another post! Thanks for reading!


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